Our pick of the best tweets from the past month. Share your photos of your latest @FBallUK job using hashtag #TeamFBall.

We’ve had a trawl through our twitter feed to see what jobs contractors have been doing. here’s our pick for this month:

First up, NT Craig Carpets. Top Pro.

DL Flooring demonstrating copybook application of Stopgap F77.

Likewise DW Design Flooring with Stopgap 700 and Styccobond F46.

And Eye Flooring create super smooth finish over adjacent subfloor areas with Stopgap 1200 Pro.

And a lovely finish from Mike Burris Flooring, again, after using Stopgap 1200 Pro.

Another one from NT Craig Carpets that we couldn’t resist: “That’s our weekend right there – I have @FBallUK to thank for this #Screed #NTCflooring #Haddington”

Our pleasure.

Meanwhile, Puma Floors have been busy in Cardiff.


Thanks, Rick. Would make a great caption competition.

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