Product Focus: Stopgap Isolator Membrane

In this month’s product spotlight, we take a look at Stopgap Isolator Membrane.

What is it?

An impermeable loose-lay sheet designed to be laid over damp or contaminated subfloors (with paint, oil, or old adhesive residues) prior to the installation of a wide range of floorcoverings.

Where is it used?

For fast-track flooring installations, when there isn’t the time to undertake typical subfloor preparation, including installing a damp proof membrane ahead of the installation of sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber floorcoverings or bitumen backed carpet tiles using compatible F. Ball adhesives (Styccobond F47 and Styccobond F84 for installing resilient floorcoverings and Styccobond F41 for installing bitumen-backed carpet tiles).

It can also be used where floorcoverings are being installed over a subfloor that needs to be preserved in its original condition, such as heritage projects, or when installing temporary floor coverings.

What’s different about it?

Nodules on the underside of the membrane create an airspace that allows for the ventilation of water vapour from a damp subfloor to the edges of a room, protecting the floorcovering from the damaging effects of excess subfloor moisture.

In addition to their standard 2.5% discount on all F. Ball products, F. Ball loyalty card holders can claim an additional 7.5% cash back on purchases of Stopgap Isolator Membrane until the end of March 2018. Find out more here.

For more information about Stopgap Isolator Membrane, visit the F. Ball website