Product Focus: Stopgap 460 Exterior

We take a closer look at Stopgap 460 Exterior, F. Ball’s rapid-setting repair mortar for external floors.

What is it? 

Stopgap 460 Exterior is a fastsetting repair mortar for external floors. Designed for use in damp conditions, it is both moisture and freeze-thaw resistant. 

Where is it used? 

In outside areas where subfloors of concrete and sand/cement screed require non-structural repairs prior the application of F. Ball’s Stopgap 850 exterior grade levelling compound, and in internal areas under Stopgap waterproof surface membranes. 

Something you might not know about the product: 

Stopgap 460 can also be used in vertical applications and for the non-structural repair of lower strength concrete elements, such as concrete paving slabs, balcony edges, stair treads and risers. It is also suitable for creating gradients for ramps. 

For more information about Stopgap 460 Exterior, visit the F. Ball  website.