Ask the Expert: How to claim cashback

All F. Ball Loyalty Card members are entitled to claim cashback on any purchases of F. Ball products they make through approved distributors. The process to claim your cashback is very simple!

We generally have four claim periods per year, separated for invoices dated:

1 Jan – 31 Mar
1 Apr – 30 Jun
1 Jul – 30 Sept
1 Oct – 31 Dec

We allow you two months after the end date of each period for you to prepare and send your claims to us.

How to claim

Complete a claim form

To submit a cashback claim, you need to download a claim form from the rewards site, where you will also find a BACS information form for you to fill in and send to us with your first claim. This allows us to make direct payments straight into your bank account.

Print the claim form and insert your company name and Loyalty card number.

Then simply complete the form by listing the approved distributors name, invoice numbers, invoice dates and F. Ball goods values.

You must enclose a copy of the invoices you have listed for verification purposes.

If there are several F. Ball items on one invoice, just list the invoice once with an added total of those goods.

Post the claim form to us

Post it all off to us at the address on the form.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept claims via email or fax due to the volume we receive.

You will receive a standard 2.5% cashback on all F. Ball products. However, we regularly run promotions on specific products, or groups of products, where you can receive extra cashback on top of the usual 2.5% so keep an eye out for these!

We’ll do all the calculations and pay the Cashback straight to your account

Once we have received your claim form, we will work out the cashback amount for you and also any extra promotion value; all you have to do is list the value of the goods purchased.

Once your claim has been processed, your cashback payment will be forwarded via BACS payment to your nominated account and you will be sent notification of the payment.

It’s as easy as that so don’t miss out…start claiming your cashback today! If you would like any further advice about claiming for cashback, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01538 361633.