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Textile Flooring Adhesives

A comprehensive range of adhesives for the installation of carpet, carpet tiles and underlay. The selection of the most appropriate adhesive will depend on the floorcovering to be installed, backing material and type of bond required.

Award winning Styccobond F3 Flooring Adhesive is long established with over 40 years on the market. It is well recognised as the UK’s most used flooring adhesive.

For floorcovering manufacturer’s recommendations, please consult the latest Styccobond Recommended Adhesives Guide, which can be found in the ‘Technical Support’ section of this website.

Styccobond F12 Multi-Purpose Aerosol Adhesive

Styccobond F12

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Styccobond F40 High Tack Adhesive - Dual Bond System

Styccobond F40

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Styccobond F52 Gum Spirit Adhesive

Styccobond F52

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Styccobond F73 PLUS

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Styccobond F74 Polyurethane Flooring Adhesive

Styccobond F74

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Styccobond F84 Two Part Flooring Adhesive

Styccobond F84

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