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Moisture Measurement and Control

Step 1:
Undertake an initial test for the presence of moisture in the subfloor using a radio frequency moisture meter such as the Aquant Protimeter. If moisture is present, investigate further.

Step 2:
Confirm and accurately measure the moisture levels present using a F. Ball Digital Hygrometer. If the relative humidity is below 75% it is safe to proceed with fitting. If above 75% RH go to step 3

Step 3:
If relative humidity is above 75%, treatment is required. Up to 92% RH use one coat of Stopgap F76 or Stopgap Isolator Membrane. Above 92% RH use F77, F78 or Stopgap Isolator Membrane.

Stopgap F76 High Performance Waterproof Surface Membrane

Stopgap F76

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Stopgap F77

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Stopgap F78

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Photometer MMS2 Moisture Measurement System

Protimeter MMS2

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Stopgap Accelerator Fast Curing Additive

Stopgap Accelerator

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