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Levelling Compounds

Stopgap 1200 PRO is the latest addition to F. Ball’s range of high performance smoothing compounds.

Designed for use directly over old adhesive residues, this self-smoothing product provides the ultimate, cost-effective solution to dealing with adhesive residues, which would otherwise require lengthy and costly mechanical removal.

Utilising the latest cement technology, Stopgap 1200 offers superior flow characteristics and is ready to receive new floorcoverings from only four hours.

The underlayment is suitable for use over a wide range of subfloor types and as it is protein and ammonia free it is ideally suited for use in clinical and biologically sensitive areas.

Stopgap 1200 PRO is available now through F. Ball wholesalers in 20kg bags and 5L bottles.

General Purpose Floor Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap Green Bag

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Rapid Dry Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap Fast-Track 30

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Acrylic Floor Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap 200 Smooth

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Stopgap 300 HD Heavy-Duty Floor Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap 300 HD

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Stopgap 400 Repair Rapid Repair Compound for Floors

Stopgap 400 Repair

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Stopgap 460 Exterior Rapid Repair Compound for Floors

Stopgap 460 Exterior

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Stopgap 500 Micro Floor Finishing Compound

Stopgap 500 Micro

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Stopgap 700 Superflex

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Stopgap 800 Wearcoat Self-Levelling Wearing Surface

Stopgap 800 Wearcoat

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Stopgap Seal

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Stopgap 850 Exterior Exterior Floor Smoothing Compound

Stopgap 850 Exterior

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Stopgap 1100 Gypsum Calcium Sulphate Based Underlayment

Stopgap 1100 Gypsum

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Stopgap 1200 Pro Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap 1200 Pro

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Stopgap Red Bag Self-Smoothing Underlayment

Stopgap Red Bag

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