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Stycco Wipes

Multi-Purpose Industrial Strength Cleaning Wipes (100 Wipes)

Stycco-Wipes are specially formulated to remove adhesive, sealants, oil, grease, lacquer, tar bitumen, wet paint and more from hands and tools.

Stycco-Wipes enhanced anti-bacterial formulation easily removes bacteria from hands and tools. Effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli. Tested by indepenndent laboratory to BS EN 12054 and BS 1276 standards.
Note •Do not use on porous surfaces such as untreated wood
•On sensitive surfaces test on a small inconspicuous area before use
•Use only as directed
•It is the user’s reponsibility to determine suitability for use
•If in doubt please contact F. Ball’s Technical Department on 01538 361 633

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